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Christian Church International (CCI) Murang’a is one the CCI Churches in Kenya (and the World); and in the Diocese of Murang’a, located at Murang’a down town, 100 metres from Huhi petrol station, off Murang’a – Sagana highway and adjacent to Juakali bridge


CCI Murang’a believes in the Bible (Canonical Scriptures) as the only Word of God; believes in ONE GOD manifested in the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit). We believe the existence of human life is given by God the Father from whom man became separated through the Adamic Sin. We believe God the Son (Jesus Christ) is the giver of eternal life (the only Way back to God the Father) through His Redemptive work of the Cross to whoever believes in Him. We also believe that God the Holy Spirit advances the work of Redemption through the Ministry of the Church. CCI Murang’a is led by a philosophy of not being competitive but complementary of other Churches.


The mandate of CCI Murang’a is therefore to connect mankind back to God in pursuance of her Vision and Mission in culture cultivated by Core Values – hence the name Divine Connection Centre. Consequently, CCI Murang’a envisions a congregation of believers in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord; successfully completes the Believers Nurture & Induction Class of being moulded to True Disciples of Jesus Christ; Soul searches and makes a personal decision to join CCI Murang’a; and purposively transits from just being Members to being Partners in the Kingdom of God and Divine Connection Centre.


The equipping elements of CCI Mission are enacted in Sunday Worship, Midweek Meetings; Departmental and various Ministries engagements with a clarion call that: “It is expected for EVERY BELIEVER to join the Ministry (ies) that enables him/her to serve God and stir up the gift(s) that the Lord has bestowed to each one of us. Please seek the permission of the Ministry leader. In addition, EVERY BELIEVER is expected to belong to a Department and Home Church”