May 10, 2020


Passage: 2 Kings 6:13-17,2 Chr. 20:20,2 Kings 6: 13-14,
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Lest you forget, the theme of the year 2020 – the year of Divine Establishment remains. The establishment is Divine because the challenges we experience requires us to rely on God by Believing in Him and His Prophets. “Believe in the LORD your God and you shall be Established. Believe in His prophets you shall prosper (2 Chr. 20:20).

The Lord God who – let every man be a liar but remains true to His word; looks upon His word to perform it; His word is like the rains, cannot return to Him void before it has accomplished its purpose, spoke and will also perform it! Believe Him and it shall come to pass – what? Establishment and prosperity? Remember, to believe God is to TRUST in Him, RELY on Him and to CLING on Him! In any case, God prepared/warned us at the beginning of the year that we shall receive many different reports – and indeed many have come. It is us a matter of making choices on which one to believe!

Whose report do you believe?

This was the same concern that prophet Isaiah had on the children of Israel (Isaiah 53:1). He wondered who has believed the report of the Lord’s and prophets report (message) and to whom is the Mighty Arm of the Lord been revealed (disclosed).

Brethren, 2 Kings 6: 13-14 shows that the enemy is always scheming how to bring us down (and we cannot stop him from planning). Verse 15 shows us the desperateness we find often find ourselves in when we come to know what the enemy has planned. We wonder “what shall I do?” that was the cry of the servant as he kept his eyes on the enemies plans. This brethren may be your cry today “what shall I do?”. It’s a cry of somebody who seem to have come to the end! However, there are two lessons that we can draw from this passage:

  • Fear not/do not be afraid (in Verse 16)

As long as you remain a child of God, you are NEVER ALONE! A singer of old said it all.

“No never alone, no never alone, He promises never to leave me, never   to leave me alone”

Always remember my sister my brother, those “on our side (already) are more, than those on the side of the enemy – they are more in terms of strength, might, weapons etc. Again, “greater is He who is in us than is in the world”

  • Tune (through prayer) to the right wavelength (Verse 17)

There are many reports or messages as there are wavelengths in the air! You hear the one you are tuned in (Citizen, NTV, Inoro, Muga FM, etc.). therefore, seeing and hearing the INVISIBLE is KEY to VICTORIOUS LIVING!

Elisha and his servant were in the same situation and circumstances. However, they were tuned to different wavelengths and that brought the difference. Thanks be to God that Elisha assisted the servant in tuning right or properly…. And now both (in the same circumstances) were tuned right and SAW “the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all round them” the army on the side of Elisha and the servant were present but their time to fight had actually not come and it never came. They were watching keenly. You are never alone my sister and my brother! Even right now, no matter what you are going through, you are not alone!

The report of the Lord is in His TRUTH and His PROMISES that are discovered in His WORD! Ron Kenoly sang:

          Whose report will you Believe? we shall believe the report; this report says   we are healed, this report says we are strong, this report says victory!!!!!   

Brethren, please let us believe God! Let us rely on God! Let us trust God! in all situations like Joseph the patriarch who even in death still believed and said “God will surely come to your aid (he told his sons) and you must carry my bones up from this place” (Genesis 50:25). Let us choose to believe the Report of the Lord and of His prophets!!

Dr. Githaiga Gathiira

Pastor, Christian Church International, Murang’a

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